Marketing for Breakfast

Business people enjoy in lunch at restaurant

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The morning meal launches the daily process with nourishment and energy. Moms everywhere preach this to their kids. The busiest professional in his heart, knows it is true. More importantly, breakfast reflects business practices because the strong start leads to better results. Furthermore, breakfast mirrors effective marketing processes because a healthy start propels better long-term performance. Nevertheless, the power is not in the parallels, the most important ingredient involves superior execution.

Start Strong
Marketing is necessary. Marketing is nourishing. Effective marketing activity sets the stage for superior performance. Sales are the results of the entire business executing like a balanced meal. Different roles contribute in a synchronized fashion. A lackluster beginning requires extra efforts to compensate for a poorly performing foundation. But, a nourishing beginning is the start of a great day.

Realize that a well-conceived campaign positions sales efforts to deliver on well-articulated promises, in addition to well-designed operational processes. Marketing starts the process. Sales delivers. When materials, messaging, follow-up and market intelligence properly coordinate, closing the deal follows. But all elements must work together. Considering every step from identifying prospects to tracking communication progress through CRM systems, a well-balanced program must execute. Bacon, eggs and waffles are well-intentioned, but not the most nourishing. Like a healthy breakfast, great ingredients prepared well starts the process, then transcends to deliciously profitable sales.

Build a Routine
Marketing programs work best when they can be successfully repeated. Enduring health is in the details. So, is excellence. Consequently, ongoing success is a byproduct of repetitive execution. Every deal is not identical. But, the steps from prospecting, to communicating, to tracking, to presenting solutions, then closing, consistently reward the individual contributor and the organizational body. Repeating successful processes equals productive routines. Individual deals have different nuances. Nevertheless, foundational consistency in approaching the marketplace makes high performance easier.

The best routines benefit from a balanced diet of collaboration among all sales-related professionals. A marketing analyst may have specific insight to customer behavior, but without the account executive connecting with an individual decision maker, the seller gets trapped producing unsatisfying cookie cutter solutions. And, no one wants pancakes for breakfast every single day. Establishing practices where team’s communication and essential information consistently passes internally and externally yields the most productive teams that unsurprisingly leads to sustainable revenue.

When all these pieces come together the seller’s organizational high performance becomes a branded experience that the marketplace gladly expects in anticipation of connecting. The brand becomes bigger than any individual contributor and the entire enterprise benefits from a superior reputation and results. The more competitive the marketplace, the more essential a great reputation creates an unbeatable advantage. Healthy performance becomes a habit. The savory aroma of innovation and success further elevates energy levels. Marketing for breakfast makes an enterprise grow big, strong and profitable!

By Glenn W Hunter
Principal of Hunter And Beyond



About Hunter & Beyond, LLC

Glenn W Hunter presents his proven perspectives on business growth. He shares skills and tactics resulting in increasing sales for organizations ranging from start-ups to large corporations. His expertise focuses on storytelling, branding and networking to cultivate relationships that lead to increased revenue.
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