Mastermind Groups, Networking and Niches

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Why is the smartest person in the world not the richest person in the world? If all knowledge and insight resided in one individual, then that solopreneur would manage all of our affairs. Fortunately, groups have demonstrated that knowledge and productivity can be leveraged more effectively through group efforts. Such efforts can deliver exponentially productive results when specifically targeted. However, how can a collection of talented individuals with finite resources maximize their abilities for business gain? What does success look like in this environment?

Legendary speaker, Jim Rohn, often proclaimed, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” To maximize personal growth, choose your group wisely! Mastermind groups emerge to maximize the capacity of a specific group of five, or any other quantity. Businesses clearly benefit from cooperative thinking when capital committees convene to make investment decisions. But, what happens when great thinking unites to identify individual opportunities across assorted disciplines? Combining networks, experiences, and insights still yield greater results for the group and each contributing individual.

However, the process requires trust. Trust can only be earned. Common values provide a great launch point. Regarding mastermind groups, their foundation may be community-oriented, faith-based, or social. Networking groups operate similarly. The essential element features individuals’ aligned contributions coordinating to maximize benefits. Successful groups assemble according to a specific schedule for specific purposes. Whether the purpose is influencing the political landscape, identifying investment opportunities, accelerating personal development or exchanging wealth generating opportunities, the input’s sum must be greater than the parts. Accomplishing aggressive, predetermined goals then result from aligned members systematically contributing resources, capital, and relationships toward tangible gains.

Upon establishing audacious and ambitious goals, what obstacles remain minimizing performance? Whether groups assemble formally, or informally, limits are largely imposed by their communal vision. Essentially, members determine their own limits. Individual groups establish their culture and character. They set their own rules. Intellectual capacity may be limited, but that does not necessarily inhibit progress. Hustle regularly surpasses brilliance. Moral boundaries will undoubtedly influence limits. But, the organization that seizes intellectual, relational, and financial resources are free to maximize their performance. Only then, do they really have to address moral constraints.

Depending on how aggressively the group integrates information, talents and resources, they can build fortunes and favors across communities and industries. Intentional collaboration with aggressive and aligned members negates limits and unearths disproportionate opportunity. The key to success remains fostering a disciplined environment of shared resources and rewards. Identifying and incorporating desirable skills and relationships that contribute to the group is paramount. Embracing and enforcing reciprocity helps. While naked greed can easily be disruptive, deliberate and intelligent investment of social and financial capital is enormously profitable.

Knowing where the group’s individual and communal strengths lie is essential to success. Establish and respect internal boundaries. Recognize each member’s unique skills and connections. Then, understand where group expertise stops. Gathering smart folks together does not guarantee results. However, aggregating like-minded people who cooperatively target specific challenges for personal and professional growth endures! Collaboration leverages strengths. Likewise, dominating niches has tremendous business upside. Cultivate power by intentionally growing a group with aligned expectations and ambitions. Engage individuals that quickly contribute to, then participate in the network. Deliberately, exceed all perceived limits!

By Glenn W Hunter
Principal of Hunter And Beyond

About Hunter & Beyond, LLC

Glenn W Hunter presents his proven perspectives on business growth. He shares skills and tactics resulting in increasing sales for organizations ranging from start-ups to large corporations. His expertise focuses on storytelling, branding and networking to cultivate relationships that lead to increased revenue.
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