Three Storytelling Tips to Get Others to Sell You

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Great sales professionals know referrals are a powerful way to generate enormous sales results. Other successful sales professionals quickly point to the importance of storytelling. Recognizing that both approaches feature interpersonal relationships, exchanged value, and direct communication, their proven results are more important than the tactics’ labels. However, to benefit from the tools and tactics leading to revenue-generating success, three specific tips explicitly result in greater sales results.

Visibility at Others’ Events
Like and trust routinely appear as a key success factor in sales training. Too many sales professionals eagerly bring prospects, clients, and influencers to events that feature themselves, their company, or their product. However, to demonstrate superior authority and prominence establish visibility at other professionals’ events. Networking is an unquestionably successful sales tactic. However, limiting networking to familiar environments is a poor strategy. Extending networking activities beyond obvious comfort zones serves two goals. It enlarges the professional’s reach to additional contacts beyond established relationships. Additionally, it raises visibility by being seen as unique and memorable in new social situations. New experiences result in new connections, plus exposure to additional opportunities to contribute to fresh social niches.

Share the Microphone
Champions do not necessarily win the most games, they win the game that matters most. The professional who insists on telling every story is indistinguishable from a braggart. Stories about success can have several sources. The professional who performs such that others eagerly repeat her story becomes legendary. The absolute best professional cannot reach the entire marketplace. Furthermore, they cannot reach the entire marketplace with credibility. By sharing the microphone, other influencers, pundits, and customers can embrace the opportunity to tell the story. Multiplying sales volume is a direct result of multiplying listeners. Empower advocates to share success stories with new audiences by giving them access, messaging and authority.

Bring a Hype Man
Perform at such a level of success that others want to share the stories. Third party affirmation multiplies reach. A credible hype man performs that function. Like a heavyweight champion who has someone responsible for carrying his belt, a marketing department, or industry pundit can be available to proclaim the sales superstar’s prowess and expertise. Incorporating more voices and channels to articulate accomplishments contributes to overall recognition. The more credibility that individuals referencing success stories have, the more prominence the sales hero enjoys. With more success, then more opportunities emerge for victories worthy of more storytelling. Essentially, an effective hype man extends overall reach, while mitigating personal boastfulness. Then with additional success, the sales star creates incremental value, experiences, and conquests worthy of future stories to repeat!

Successful selling is fundamentally about delivering value. But, is value truly recognized if no one tells the story of its contribution? Effective storytelling persuades prospects to become customers by communicating personalized value. Furthermore, storytelling communicates victories, for both buyers and sellers. Consequently, ongoing sales success becomes self-perpetuating. New customers become convinced of the value of participating in the story. Ultimately, storytelling maximizes profitability when stakeholders willingly associate with winning achievements and extend the narrative. Sales professionals that deliver the best results have the best stories to tell. To the victor goes the spoils!

By Glenn W Hunter
Managing Director of Hunter And Beyond LLC

About Hunter & Beyond, LLC

Glenn W Hunter presents his proven perspectives on business growth. He shares skills and tactics resulting in increasing sales for organizations ranging from start-ups to large corporations. His expertise focuses on storytelling, branding and networking to cultivate relationships that lead to increased revenue.
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