Plant A Strong Brand

Plant A Brand (2)

One planted acorn grows into an enormous oak tree, in the same way a clever campaign can grow into a business empire! Just think, Netflix started out as a lazy alternative to standing in line at Blockbuster. No late fees and home delivery for videos evidently created enough of a distinction to birth an iconic brand. The result has redefined how a media hungry public consumes entertainment. Fundamentally, branding communicates business benefits and images. Well executed, targeted branding can clearly result in superior business growth. However, bad branding leads to failure faster than this season’s infested crops! Yet, good planning, then effective execution overcomes potential devastation. So, how does a single plant eventually grow, then dominate an entire landscape?

Recognizing that a brand speaks on a business’ behalf, strong messaging must flourish continually. A seed does not grow because someone buried it. The seed grows, then a harvest results because the seed is nurtured, pruned, and weeded in fertile soil. The process delivers the abundance. Similarly, the brand begins the story that successful enterprises ultimately communicate. Then, the marketplace provides feedback which contributes to the brand’s growing personality. Specifically, in current, dynamic marketing environments, cultivating the story and spreading the responses yields success.

A simple social media ad can appear on a website, then based on feedback a different iteration of the same ad can quickly appear. The ongoing communication between business and the marketplace makes brands memorable and effective. Tactics to nurture the brand require both internal and external communication. Likewise, messaging must be consistent and authentic. The tools that establish deliberate, meaningful and profitable dialogue within the marketplace, empowers brands to own their narrative and keep promises. When effective brands claim next-day delivery, the package appears at the doorstep tomorrow, every time.

As the business’ story evolves and the market accepts the consistent vision, the business earns the right to harvest, i.e. engage customers in relationships. One simple sale based on a good brand experience, does not create a relationship. Businesses thrive by cultivating ongoing relationships. Even when products represent an occasional sale, like a car, the utility and overall experience continues to deliver value with every drive. A new Tesla does not stop communicating style and eco-friendliness when the owner accepts ownership. That vehicle continues to deliver value every time the vehicle hovers through traffic, or the singular driver speeds in the express lane.

Success demands planting, harvesting, selling, and planting again. The ongoing cycle creates enduring value. Consequently, messaging must be dynamic because it serves as the seed. Static advertisements may be part of the seller’s marketing mix, but effective images must also be delivered in dynamic environments. A celebrity spokesperson that appears in a magazine advertisement, also needs to be incorporated into social media clips. Personal appearances and events also contribute to the virtual connection between the product and celebrity. Fundamentally, coordinating marketing elements so that brand messaging cultivates individual connections provide the most profitable harvests.

Memorable brands constantly evolve. Likewise, productive campaigns regularly experiment. Establishing communication between buyer and seller must be based on trust and execution. In building a brand, trust in the planting process only starts activity. The ability to harvest, sell, deliver, and satisfy keeps the cycle going. For results-driven branding, growth and production cycles must be established, then allowed to iterate toward progress. If a campaign fails, then try again. Perpetuate the brand’s growth cycle through creative trial, performance improvement, and measurable results. Let meaningful storytelling inspire customers to return eagerly for more. Repeat planting, reaping, and harvesting. Nature has clearly proven that this process produces abundance. For businesses, the same process produces an abundance of profits!

By Glenn W Hunter
Managing Director of Hunter And Beyond, LLC

About Hunter & Beyond, LLC

Glenn W Hunter presents his proven perspectives on business growth. He shares skills and tactics resulting in increasing sales for organizations ranging from start-ups to large corporations. His expertise focuses on storytelling, branding and networking to cultivate relationships that lead to increased revenue.
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