Execution Prevails

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Business professionals congregate less. Are these professionals deciding to face corporate firing squads in the new normal? Unemployment is running high and bank accounts are getting low. Yet, working professionals tend to choose breathing. Whether the economy is booming or sliding, the successful business professional finds a way to connect with prospects, customers, networking contacts, or someone with an opportunity! Yet, business professionals congregate less. This reality only makes sense when congregating means face-to-face interactions. Execution is not “Death of A Salesman”. Execution demands adhering to proven business growth fundamentals regardless of the environment. In transacting business during any economic environment, value carries the day. Execute or starve!

Successful business professionals find ways to execute their objectives and find their rewards. They prevail because they deliver results. Qualify contacts. Make the connection. Reach out to influencers. Networking may no longer work at a popular watering hole. However, Zoom calls and virtual volunteering are available to enlarge networks connections. In fact, connecting through squares on a laptop is much more efficient upon considering no time is spent driving to a favorite coffee spot prior to standing in line behind the poor, struggling soul that cannot even say “macchiato”.

In addition to the virtual engagement, connectivity benefits from a physical approach with a digital twist. Texting is now embraced by adults. Visual images have been proven to connect with the most ancient curmudgeon. Even, the executive that still has a typewriter in his office, can text just fine when his granddaughter reaches out to him! Create original and compelling messages to connect with the Big Shots. That gets their attention. Tie in some valuable, compelling, industry intelligence and request a call back. Even the most hardened veteran can withstand only so much routine bad news. The point is to present meaningful information in a format that the target wants to receive it. Handwritten notes still have been known to work. Know your prey. Differentiate. Otherwise prepare for another quarter of periodic rejection from prospects that hate emojis, on principle.

Ultimately, the optimist and the pessimist are right! From a business development perspective, overcoming tough times require an unnatural balance of niche specificity, innovation and holding onto the basics. Despite the contradiction, if the task was easy, then no rewards would be available for the exceptional. Even if the product that is for sale is the individual himself, cheerful sales people are more welcome. Informed professionals are still at a premium. Believing in personal capabilities, as well as valuing preparation, will eventually result in positive self-fulfilling prophecies.

The tricky part of confidence is that it cannot be faked. A courage-affirming mantra is permitted. Good habits can definitely align with confidence. However, it is the internal lie, that professionals believe will dupe the market which becomes fatal. Being genuine equates to credibility. “I don’t know, but I am going to find out” is still a legitimate response. But, find out and respond quickly! Then, be bold in the chosen position. Being wrong is manageable as long as facts are distributed quickly and logically. Being slow is the quickest way to challenge your prospect to establish a new, personal best in quickly pushing the delete, then trash buttons with your outreach.

For business professionals who still have jobs, remember it is still called “work”! Efforts are applauded, results are rewarded. Work leads to rewards. If it does not, then performance probably lagged at some point in the value chain. Nevertheless, the key to “execution prevails” is under the doormat of productivity. Fundamentals matter. If your job requires revenue performance, make the calls. If your role is sweeping floors, come ready to mop, just in case. Tomorrow is not promised. But in this environment, mediocre executions promises to lead eventually to not prevailing.

By Glenn W Hunter, Managing Director of Hunter And Beyond, LLC

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About Hunter & Beyond, LLC

Glenn W Hunter presents his proven perspectives on business growth. He shares skills and tactics resulting in increasing sales for organizations ranging from start-ups to large corporations. His expertise focuses on storytelling, branding and networking to cultivate relationships that lead to increased revenue.
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