Who Has Seen My Rug?

The question screams of some poor guy looking for his toupee. However, a wealthy man, physically identical to the first guy, making the exact same statement, may have a completely different meaning. Now that money has entered the picture, “Who has seen my rug?” can easily suggest “Pay attention to my wealth!” A person of great taste and stature may showcase his prized rug on a wall, or on a floor. This tycoon may likely place the rug where it can attract attention by being explicitly visible, or discreetly placed in a location where it is a privilege to be in its presence. Either way, this rug occupies a position of tremendous personal value. 


Opulence typically means the physical manifestation of acquired wealth. Whether the conclusion refers to hard work or good fortune, demonstrating wealth in our society is regarded positively. The demonstrated wealth results either from profitable efforts or fortuitous timing. Still, the rug represents the fact that regardless of the process, the victor enjoys the spoils. The implication remains that the owner earned the prize and now victoriously gets to display his superiority.  

However, the trouble with acquiring prized possessions is that they must be maintained. A gentleman’s hairpiece needs to continue looking natural. An elaborate floor covering must continuously appear immaculate. The challenge of opulence is sustaining the appearance of significant means. Appearances matter. Expensive trophies are to be maintained and displayed. Prized physical appearances abide by the same rules. Vanity is valued and comes with a price. The price of opulence is maintenance. The good life demands it. The victorious consumer must provide it. 


Another component of fortune building involves confidence. Beyond savviness to recognize fortuitous opportunities, the unyielding belief in winning is essential. Appearances are not everything, but certain advantages coincide with a positive physical presentation. Often attractive people are more likely to be perceived as trustworthy. Stylish accessories reflect another way to differentiate someone through a more positive reality. Clearly, at some point the attractive person must perform, but often that is after they have benefitted from a head start. Taking that point to the next logical step, the individual who appears to have the trappings of success through possessions or accessories, enjoys advantages extended to them. 

From a business perspective the implication is that prizes are earned. Even when advantages result from unrelated external forces, the winner has the prize now. In maintaining that air, the ability to replicate success becomes essential to sustained excellence. Beyond the conquest the associated expression of dominating the domain carries value. Storytelling is an essential part of any conquest. The ability to intrigue the audience with tales of personal superiority goes a long way in reinforcing excellence. What good is it to make a fortune without sharing just enough facts to make the conquest curious and desirable? Who has seen my rug? Demonstrate it under the proper circumstances so that advantages emerge. The highly valued rug reminds everyone of the associated sucess. 


Between incredible accomplishments and resultant stories, the images of superiority must be present and visible. The robust hair that replaces the thinning hairline screams superior confidence. Even if the replacement is evident, that alpha dog has demonstrated dominance by courageously displaying it. Likewise, the ancient rug in the middle of the great room is a similar testament to domination. It must be properly maintained and displayed to maximize psychic value. Such audacious displays represent the spoils of victory. The key is to ensure that the display remains as pristine as the memory of the conquest! It is essential to present a visible and immaculate rug. 

By Glenn W Hunter
Managing Director, Hunter And Beyond, LLC

Guest Client: Rug Masters
(909) 406-8284

About Hunter & Beyond, LLC

Glenn W Hunter presents his proven perspectives on business growth. He shares skills and tactics resulting in increasing sales for organizations ranging from start-ups to large corporations. His expertise focuses on storytelling, branding and networking to cultivate relationships that lead to increased revenue.
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