Power Partners, Profiles And People

Super-successful business professionals continuously brag about their networks. “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” is an oldie but goodie among business people. However, in the trenches of commerce, it is actually less who you know, but who knows you! Regardless of how great an opening line draws prospects into conversation, the technique is inferior to a professional seeing you across a real, or virtual room, then summon the courage to connect with, “Do you remember when we met that time…?” A positive reputation that precedes any professional creates a more valuable connection, every time! After that type of warm lead, the next most effective options are Power Partners. So, who are these professionals who utilize their power to transfer their superior credibility instantly to a trusted colleague? 


Power Partners independently rely on specific skills so that they can credibly facilitate revenue-producing introductions with their connections. The big boss who knows everyone in town within a certain industry may have incredible professional resources. For example, that individual may belong to the right clubs, or may regularly present before industry groups, or has been published in business periodicals and blogs. However, that notoriety does not guarantee transfering to new revenue. Unless that leader intentionally introduces and connects their team members to specific influencers, opportunities and resources, that leader fails the Power Partner test. 

Power Partners earn their title by consistently sharing skills, access, and influence! In identifying the profile for a successful Power Partner, the seeker must know exactly what problem that he or she wants to solve. A sales professional that seeks help with new prospects needs to connect with a Power Partner that has significant reach to contacts in that industry with buying authority. If the power seeker needs a relationship with someone of influence and reputation, the best connection is not necessarily with a rainmaker. The successful connection for that profile can be a leader, or subject matter expert. Productivity does not automatically equate with recognition. Significant influencers can often be valuable because their strength is in knowledge, and not necessarily people. 


The other type of Power Partner involves strong relationships with people. Regardless of the organization’s function, identify the responsible individual for ensuring that the entity operates. For example, in heavy sales-oriented environments, a sensational sales professional can enjoy greater pay than their manager, and sometimes the manager’s manager. Such organizations often reward excessive growth and consequently compensate those biggest contributors. In that case a Power Partner may be a contributor with a free agent mindset. As long as that professional is recognized for producing, then she accepts the rewards of continued productivity. That individual’s contribution depends on satisfied recurring customers. Consequently, they need to be compensated as such. This Power Partner’s contribution is primarily connecting solutions to buyers. 

For this Power Partner, closing the transaction is key. Professionals that resonate well with this type of Power Partner knows where opportunities reside either inside an organization or among competitors. They emphasize positioning themselves to deal in information, so that they can be valuable to trusting colleagues and superiors. In short, the Power Partner that emphasizes people is typically a great contributor because the marketplace rewards their teambuilding skills to solve specific industry problems. Any referrals in those circles encourages another’s ability similarly to emphasize teambuilding. Their strongest attribute involve dazzling individuals more than the organization.


Ultimately personalities dictate success. Furthermore, successful personalities must be in environments where their skills are maximally valued. In determining Power Partners, the individual professional must determine whether their personal interests are best served upon dominating a specific customer profile, or by connecting with certain organizational leaders. For the professional accessing Power Partners, the eventual solution must be clear. The high performance routines of Power Partners cannot afford to dampen their brand and productivity operating outside of their strength. On the other hand, for the professional that aligns with certain business profiles, success requires staying in that lane. Ultimately, upon correctly discerning between profile or people, Power Partners must position other business professionals to achieve satisfying and professionally successful results so that they will reciprocate. 

By Glenn W Hunter 

Managing Director, Hunter And Beyond, LLC 

About Hunter & Beyond, LLC

Glenn W Hunter presents his proven perspectives on business growth. He shares skills and tactics resulting in increasing sales for organizations ranging from start-ups to large corporations. His expertise focuses on storytelling, branding and networking to cultivate relationships that lead to increased revenue.
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