Maximum Reach, Coordinated Content

Max Reach sounds like an action hero! Actually, from a thought leadership and content creation perspective, maximizing an influencer’s reach should perform exactly like an action hero! Influencers should be strong, clever, and trustworthy. To share a secret: “Content does not have to be good. It has to be experienced!” To understand fully, once it is experienced, read, or heard, then the desire kicks in that it should be really good! Bad content, over the long run, hurts credibility and the ability to attract fans. Regardless of the niche, followers have options. Ultimately, bad content will be exposed and displaced out of competitive marketplaces!


Yet, exciting content keeps good creators in the game! Content is a proven way for entrepreneurs, professionals and personalities to attract attention to themselves, their products, and their services. With that attention, the content leads to engagement. Then, increase in engagement leads to activating the brand’s power. Fundamentally, successful branding engages specific audiences, prospects, and customers even in the absence of the personality or organization. Consequently, getting content right is a significant boost to communicating a product’s or service’s superiority! Essentially, good content manifests fresh opportunities for incredible growth!

Next, coordinated content means the created content can now be used across different channels and categories. If social media is important to the operation’s growth, then posting coordinated messages across YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram leverages additional visibility from the same source. Likewise, the operation now leverages followers, influencers, friends, and advocates to help spread messaging that in turn generates greater influence and reach. Beyond the quantity of influencers, fans and evangelists, quality truly makes a big difference. Having the right popular, niche personality that aligns with the brand is much better than a lot of minor characters screaming to be heard. 


When the right personality or image connects with the previously mentioned brand, then exposure materially expands. In order to benefit from this development, the business or personality must intentionally connect with targeted, desired influencers. What you know matters. Who you know matters more. Consequently, the successful enterprise is intentional to connect with personalities and organizations that can facilitate more growth. This level of progress requires networking, introductions, and targeted campaigns. Visibility in front of the right audiences requires intentionality and effort. Good branding helps connecting directly, virtually, or through networking, in order to deliver much more powerful results.

As successful reach matures, power relationships become less “who you know” and become more “who knows you”! This level of accomplishment requires engagement, reach, and imposing an impressive personality into the marketplace. Not only does this tactic require intentionality, it requires coordination and boldness. Posting, tagging, hyping, or simply buying with regards to the targeted connection makes a difference. Strategy and perseverance plays a part, as well. Marketing success and growth are not easy, but for coordinated and tenacious winners, it is worthwhile.


Ultimately, beauty is in the eyes (ears, nose, hands) of the beholder. Content creation has to be good by those who experience it. Desired target markets need to be clear, even as they continue to evolve. Someone may love the output but without sharing it nor buying it, they are not really contributing to the goal. Be intentional where images, messages, and content must appear. Then, work hard to deliver them there. Finally, be aware of exactly where the content and brand goes, and where it is loved. Unexpected markets gravitate toward products, services, and outputs all the time. Converse All-Stars (the canvas ones) would absolutely suck as basketball shoes today after dominating the market 50 years ago. However, for quirky formal wear, cool casual wear, or coordinating colors with your look, the same product is now nearly unparalleled. Fundamentally, content must serve a specific purpose. It can also have sub-purposes. Better content communicates a specific, maximized message to a targeted audience; it is just fine if others want to eavesdrop! Still, the best content leads to massive sales!

By Glenn W Hunter

Managing Director, Hunter And Beyond, LLC

About Hunter & Beyond, LLC

Glenn W Hunter presents his proven perspectives on business growth. He shares skills and tactics resulting in increasing sales for organizations ranging from start-ups to large corporations. His expertise focuses on storytelling, branding and networking to cultivate relationships that lead to increased revenue.
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