Growth Now! Then Connect!

This is a big deal! You have completed the preparation. You have gone through the checklist. You have adrenaline rushing through your body. You realize that you are about to jump out of the plane. After every bit of planning and precaution, it is now time to grow! Success is not recognized by boarding the plane and putting on the gear. Success is jumping out of the plane and landing safely. Feel the fear and do it anyway! If success is the goal, then connect with others after accomplishing the process to achieve success. Then, return to the plane in order to embrace the thrill again!

Focus on Action

Every sales professional recognizes the fluttering in the belly when engaging a prospect. Seasoned pros recall the old advice,”It is OK to have butterflies in your stomach. The trick is to get them to fly in formation.” When the butterflies are incapable of getting into formation, a default reaction is to remember the training. Nearly every sales professional has participated in some level of training. However, whether the training program was intense, or consisted of checking the necessary boxes, the marketplace is much more difficult than practice. Yet, still someone is actually selling goods and services! Why in the world should it be a competitor?

Natural aptitude, fearless attitudes, superior products, better opening lines are all possibile reasons for business development success. But, the truth before exploring all these tactics is simply ACTION! Success resides in the details. Product knowledge, passion for success, belief in the employer, a superior product portfolio, old-fashioned personal tenacity are unquestionably contributors. But, action makes a difference because the individual can directly influence that input. Furthermore, many intangible outcomes emerge from positive inputs because of action. Action includes proactively studying products, rehearsing winning scripts, performing intelligence on competitors, and connecting directly with prospects. All these are examples of tactics that a sales professional can do! At the end of the day, week, or month, the goods and services are not going to sell themselves.

Focus on Iteration

After action takes priority in the professionals’ activities, the desired outcomes are not automatic. Sales success leaves clues, but does not have a foolproof formula. If such a formula existed, then plenty of fools would enjoy success because many approached their sales careers with the expectation that it was foolproof. Nevertheless, persistently applying established fundamentals have proven to be successful. Assuming that the goods and services in the professional’s portfolio are competitive, the ability to connect with more prospects tends to improve the desired outcomes regarding more sales to customers.

No magic incantations nor wishful expectations will substitute for persistence on a consistent basis. Success results from connecting with lots of buyers who have a likelihood of purchasing the salesperson’s goods and services. The desired outcomes require more than returning to the same prospect expecting them to buy on some schedule. Customers may come and go. However, the consistency that drives excellent results fundamentally builds upon high performance habits. And, those habits require repetition with adaptation to specific shifts in taste and requirements. Essentially, intentional, proven behaviors from preparation to follow-up are the keys to consistent success. Professionals who thoroughly understand foundational similarities and individualized nuance are the winners that adapt to very specific requests for profitable excellence!


Ultimately, business growth generated by specific, high performance is a direct result of passion for the craft, as well as service for the specific prospect. Recognize that the specific individual may ultimately represent an entire department, region, or company. Yet, the personal interaction drives the exchange. Support systems definitely are involved in preparation and delivery. But, the voice and face that represents the selling entity drives the decision to establish the transaction. Regardless of technology, the ability to connect a person to a solution is the core of business development success. When exceptional sales professionals are ready to grow and soar, they will commit to repeatedly connecting to prospects and opportunities.

By Glenn W Hunter

Managing Director of Hunter and Beyond, LLC

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About Hunter & Beyond, LLC

Glenn W Hunter presents his proven perspectives on business growth. He shares skills and tactics resulting in increasing sales for organizations ranging from start-ups to large corporations. His expertise focuses on storytelling, branding and networking to cultivate relationships that lead to increased revenue.
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