Did You Catch That? Sales via Ears, Eyes, Heart

Great sales professionals realize that low prices do not always win. To maximize revenue several factors enter the sales equation. Emotion matters! Successful sales professionals realize that they must first tug on the heart strings before they can pull on the purse strings. At a certain point, price matters. But common understanding, credibility and relationship matters a lot more. What good is an initially low price if the buyer now owns an item that must constantly be repaired? Successful sales efforts recognize that contribution based on value creates the most profitable engagements. Did the seller pay attention to all inputs to get every need met for both parties? Were ears, eyes, and heart really working together?

Sell Through Superior Communication

How does a buyer maximize benefit for the purchase price? Simply, “Did the buyer really get what she paid for?” Every customer has an idea of specific wants and needs. Meanwhile, the sales professional desires to meet that need while maintaining integrity regarding profits and professionalism. To balance that tricky goal, listening with ears, eyes, and heart is imperative! In short, multiple senses are accepting information so that all needs are met. For the business engagement to happen, both parties need to find common ground concerning the real sales drivers. What one party wants, the other party has to deliver. Words communicate these needs. Tone of voice, body language, eye contact, even subtle physical tics reinforce them.

Regardless of products, services, or sales cycles, certain consistencies provide the sales professionals certain advantages. Emotion is part of the deal. For sellers, high prices are better than low prices when all factors are equal. Yet, all factors are rarely equal. Realize that purchases are often emotion driven to a certain extent. In commercial sales, is this transaction going to enhance the buyer’s reputation in the eyes of peers or superiors? For the seller is there confidence, or stammering while communicating? Who displays more confidence when individuals are literally looking into each others’ faces? How genuine is the counterpart’s smile? All these clues communicate comfort levels regarding the transaction’s terms, thus requiring sincere attention.

Buy With Emotion

As non-verbal and verbal communications collide, consummating a transaction requires that a moment of trust emerges. A high price can communicate bad value for the buyer’s needs, or comfort with the seller’s brand integrity. Still successful closure requires clear convergence based on emotional connectivity by both sides. Acknowledging trust is pivotal.  Especially in environments where the low price wins, the domineering emotion remains that fidelity to valuing thriftiness prevails. In all transactions, bridging the buyer’s and the seller’s culture is part of reaching agreement. The better deal goes to the party that satisfies their side’s needs with the most integrity.

Consider that listening through the heart reflects positive, fluttering feelings in the chest when good news has been received. The sensation is clearly emotional. Furthermore, listening with the eyes is a metaphor where the transaction’s value is so pleasing that the satisfaction transcends multiple senses. Consider observing someone listening to another person while watching their mouth. Subconsciously or explicitly, the viewer is watching to address verbal cues that are not aligned with audio clues. Is the buyer preparing to disagree with a key point by forming their mouth to interrupt? The savvy sales professional allows the objection to come out. The buyer may be preparing to provide essential intel that expresses their interest, or sets the stage for pushback. Regardless, winning the engagement often means seizing advantages by understanding multiple communication channels.


Ultimately, securing the better of any deal relies on acquiring better information. Words, body language, eye contact, even perspiration all provide clues to the transaction’s true value. Consequently, the advantage goes to the side that manages their emotions while extracting emotional clues from the other side. Consequently, in any engagement, the side that protects its intentions and satisfaction has a clear advantage. Furthermore, by catching what the eyes, ears, and heart are conveying, opportunities emerge to give the advantage to the more astute and sensory aware side. These tips are useful to figure out the underlying story. Act upon the revealed tips to win the next engagement, and the subsequent larger engagements that will certainly come forth with this knowledge.

By Glenn W Hunter

Managing Director, Hunter And Beyond, LLC

Author of “Storytelling Wins The Best Engagements

Available on Amazon!

About Hunter & Beyond, LLC

Glenn W Hunter presents his proven perspectives on business growth. He shares skills and tactics resulting in increasing sales for organizations ranging from start-ups to large corporations. His expertise focuses on storytelling, branding and networking to cultivate relationships that lead to increased revenue.
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