The True You Comes Through

A persuasive, well-trained, eloquent subject matter expert confidently glides into a polished conference room. Although the audience of mid-level leaders sees a salesman, the visitor brings specific, game-changing solutions to the waiting assembly. From his dress to his vocabulary, the visitor exudes authentic, genuine success. On the other hand, the audience simply awaits the dog and pony show. Regardless of how large the portfolio of goods and services appears to be, the best sellers must always present the goods or services that they absolutely believe in the most for every prospect.


Proposed goods and services need to align with the seller’s personal strengths. They must become the driver for anticipated success. The emotional investment must be sufficient enough so that successful execution conveys inevitable financial rewards for all parties. Products and/ or services need to be aligned with individual sellers’ interest so that success ties in psychically and tangibly. If the sales gig’s purpose is to “fake it until you make it”, then work to make it soon! Otherwise, first interest will wane and then possibilities will wane shortly afterwards. Remember the prospect and its leadership are aware of productivity. A hostile and temporary interaction awaits the pitch that fails to communicate belief in future accomplishment.

Authenticity within a successful approach is undoubtedly essential. While belief demonstrates an individual sales professional’s confidence, the authenticity and detail conveys that confidence to the buyer! Authenticity facilitates connecting emotionally to other people who are exposed to the presentation. The emotional connection is important because it enhances persuasiveness in the presentation. It facilitates an intangible attraction between the buyer and the item for sale. In reality, that explicitly crafted attraction attaches to the decision makers’ heart strings that largely drives the final decision. Buyers purchase according to inner motivations. If the lowest price drives the decision, it is because the decision maker believes that thriftiness will provide the most security and satisfaction for his role.


Realize that at some point this go-to item may not be the solution that the customer needs. Under any circumstances, do not sell something that does not help the prospective client. Yes, it is the end of the month. Yes, that exact amount of revenue gets to the next bonus tier, or meets a recognized accomplishment. Of course, in specific instances practical perspectives must prevail, so seal the deal. But, what must not happen is to allow desperation to become the common mode of operation. Saving one’s butt for monthly targets is one matter. Making that decision a way of operating is a clear path toward disingenuous sales tactics and eventually poor performance. The next step features selling for another organization!

Remember, poor preparation promotes poor performance. Poor performance promotes pain! Ultimately, enough pain results in separation from the organization. High performance professionals do not sell their principles. Likewise, they try real, real hard not to loan them out or rent them, either. Integrity is more than honesty; it is also the path to principled longevity. Along with adhering to principles, apply insight to discern between genuine opportunities and false prosperity. While persistence means pursuing opportunities with confidence and tenacity, it also means cutting dead ends quickly. The polished professionals’ experience and confidence realizes that equally attractive opportunities have been strategically established in the pipeline over time.  Consequently, mature sales funnels produce at a pace that is designed for longevity.


Ultimately, vetting opportunities so that personalities and similar business styles align with prospects, increases the likelihood of successful results. Additionally, the importance of emotional connectivity must be recognized. Realize even in connecting with organizations where models and quantitative analysis drive decisions, people who are led by their emotions and biases are building these models. The human condition is inescapable in commerce. Consequently, the individual contacts and their personalities never stray too far. Likewise, the individual personality that drives the purchase decision ultimately has influence on the process. Allow the experienced decision maker, who eventually influences the selling process in whatever capacity, do the job that they are empowered to do. Connect with that true person for success!

By Glenn W Hunter

Managing Director, Hunter And Beyond, LLC

Author of “Storytelling Wins The Best Engagements”

Available on Amazon

About Hunter & Beyond, LLC

Glenn W Hunter presents his proven perspectives on business growth. He shares skills and tactics resulting in increasing sales for organizations ranging from start-ups to large corporations. His expertise focuses on storytelling, branding and networking to cultivate relationships that lead to increased revenue.
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