Find The YES In The Room

“So Bob, what’s it going to take to get you in this beauty today?” While this cheesy sales line is a classic, it does have merit! Closing the transaction is clearly the point. And in any sales opportunity, “Yes” represents progress. While many “Yeses” may be involved in a business transaction’s ultimate closing, make no mistake that the final “Yes” indicates success! This fact becomes even more important during more complex transactions where multiple milestones and ongoing communication are part of the process. With so many milestones to meet and opportunities to fail, each step toward progress is essential to the goal. Ultimately, enough “Yeses” results in closure. And closure means revenue, then compensation!


However, before maximizing compensation, numerous detailed steps are required. Confidently setting aggressive targets is a great place to start. “Your attitude determines your altitude.”, is a clever reminder for sales professionals to remember how they influence their own success. Realize that this simple saying has multiple layers contributing to its fundamental truth! Consider that a positive attitude can have a positive impact on a transaction’s success. Also, as like and trust grows in the relationship leading to the transaction, price becomes less critical. Value and intangible benefits begin to carry more weight. Potentially, the seller’s margin, become less contentious once value is established.  

On a deeper level, as positive attitudes emerge in the potential transaction, stories are repeated and shared. Connections strengthen. While this process could be brief, time invested in strengthening “like and trust” creates more straightforward paths to “Yes”. At no point does a sales professional want to rush prospects, and especially not established clients. Nevertheless, a significant part of sales success is a keen awareness of invested time.  Beware that on the way to “Yes”, a pleasant interaction throughout the sales process often results in cross-sales and referrals. Consequently, a healthy respect for time during the process must be managed masterfully. Success requires finding the “Yes” in the room and methodically moving the emerging customer toward it.


Phrases like “No Problem”, as well as, “Yes, and” are particularly effective in developing a sales pipeline. Besides representing a can-do attitude, the phrases create a favorable environment for future possibilities. As these affirming phrases’ positivity permeates the atmosphere, the expectation of additional interactions escalates. From a psychological perspective, each “Yes” acts as a steppingstone toward the next “Yes”. Essentially, repetitive positivity facilitates more potential future outcomes in the positive. Include positive body language like displaying an open stance, and gently nodding while listening, then the environment has evolved into a space where success and agreement flourishes.

Now, actions speak for themselves because the conversation has evolved to facilitate agreement. From a communication perspective, posture, visuals, and language have become conditioned for agreement. These tactics are not hard rules to be manipulated by the crooked salesman. Instead, these affirming communication techniques facilitate agreement at a human level. Realizing that the exchange now expects that a “Yes” is in the room, these verbal and non-verbal communication techniques make it easier for both parties to find it. Still, the professional must communicate value. Likewise, the buyer still must maintain trust in the professional. Nevertheless, a path toward agreement has been subtly established so that the engagement can transform into a transaction!


Ultimately, finding the “Yes” in the room focuses on establishing common ground. The sooner that the seller can identify the most valued benefits for the buyer, the quicker the buyer can establish closing. Time is a crucial factor in any transaction. The quickest, best offer does not necessarily win the deal. Yet, locating the “Yes” from both sides of the transaction communicates knowledge and value so that the transaction can conclude. Realize that posturing remains a necessary factor in locating the “Yes”. Nevertheless, guessing and shooting in the dark are inefficient uses of time with regards to the current transaction and probably the next one. Ultimately, the seller who knows their target market’s industry as well as their industry benefits from efficiency leading to successful transactions happening faster. From the seller’s perspective, that means that referrals and cross-selling opportunities happen faster, too. More customers to serve are clearly the ultimate reward for finding the “Yes” in the room!

By Glenn W Hunter

Managing Director, Hunter And Beyond, LLC

Author of “Storytelling Wins The Best Engagements”

Available on Amazon

About Hunter & Beyond, LLC

Glenn W Hunter presents his proven perspectives on business growth. He shares skills and tactics resulting in increasing sales for organizations ranging from start-ups to large corporations. His expertise focuses on storytelling, branding and networking to cultivate relationships that lead to increased revenue.
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