Bigger Profits By Storytelling

Let me tell you a story! Wait… first, why do stories even work in connecting people in business environments? Primarily, people communicate in stories! A good story has emotion, suspense, twists and turns. Job titles do not communicate any of those benefits. Who really gets excited to hear about some website data analyst who wants to become a vice-president? However, let that same character start moving up the corporate ladder, maybe score a popular podcast, or launch the start-up de jour, and now people get excited about the possibilities concerning this unique character. The plot thickens and listeners pay much more attention.

The Story

The stories that matter most are the stories that are rare. A character defies the odds in an unprecedented move. The protagonist captures a listener and holds their attention hostage. The listener’s time, focus and even, money represent the ransom to retrieve their precious time. Then, the listener finally realizes that their reward for grasping the possibilities for promotions, entrepreneurial breakthroughs, or a spot on the big stage, are immediately in front of them. Now, they are ready to launch toward their personal aspirations! First, the professional believes the story, then they pursue the projected outcome for themselves with unprecedented zeal. Providers want their buyers to win, so that they return for more. However, once the story reveals even more attainable possibilities, then incredible accomplishments can emerge. Plainly, the escalating emotion in the early interaction first creates attention, then participation ignites the greater possibilities.  Successful vendors, investors, advocates, and storytellers, all master attracting attention, then articulating value for communal benefit.

The Value

Yet, what is the true value for the storyteller who was weaved a web that has captured attention, and opportunity? The value is often revenue, growth, accolades, and profits. The simple outcome to drawing in attention with a superior story is that now an audience emerges that eagerly wants to benefit from that story’s magnetism. A best-selling author can sell multiple books over multiple years to the same people. Not just the same profile, but literally the same people. The power behind that magnetism includes the anecdotes that anchor each story’s specific themes. The success secrets are not necessarily new. In fact, several great business books literally take their fundamental premises from the ancient Hebrews. Many business success tips can find their foundation in Sunday School. So, how does such old stories yield new profits.

The Outcome

First, accept that there is nothing new under the sun. People, including business professionals, want to be admired and respected. Of course, titles, bonuses, toys, and awards all pay into the sensation of admiration and respect. Next, transitioning those accolades into revenue, profits, and value as a result of transactions, now builds momentum toward tangible, life-affirming improvements. Simply, the story that reveals individual success, acts like a playbook for future accolades. The numbers, facts, and figures simply keep score. Success is a byproduct of the trust, belief, and repetition resulting in subsequent accomplishments. The power and value in the story directly come from the ability to articulate, then replicate tangible results. Great storytellers in sales have enormous value because they predictably and consistently deliver results that emerge from their ability to recreate consistent stories that leads to purchases over and over again. But before the story works its magic, the sales professional must connect with prospects, target markets, referral partners, and buyers so that all characters emotionally experience the same happily ever after that the sales professional projects. When multiple sides win, then value grows exponentially for more profitable future engagements

The Conclusion

Good stories fundamentally communicate and inspire. Great storytelling encompasses characters where people genuinely want them to win. These stories encourage people to change the way that they perceive their current world. New customers change providers because they wish to change the way that they experience their world resulting in better outcomes. Change is rarely executed singularly because of price. Securing a new customer is the expected outcome for providing solutions or experiences that will make the customer’s experience more fulfilling and potentially more highly valued. Great stories supersize the anticipation of superior outcomes that the superior vendor will now deliver with excellence and profits!

By Glenn W Hunter

Managing Director, Hunter and Beyond, LLC

Author of “Storytelling Wins The Best Engagements

About Hunter & Beyond, LLC

Glenn W Hunter presents his proven perspectives on business growth. He shares skills and tactics resulting in increasing sales for organizations ranging from start-ups to large corporations. His expertise focuses on storytelling, branding and networking to cultivate relationships that lead to increased revenue.
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