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The Re-Purpose of Marketing

A prominent business speaker launched a conference with a gut-bursting “true story” in his opening remarks. After the speech a colleague approached him and quietly told him, “That was an incredible opening story, but I have heard it elsewhere, before. … Continue reading

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Business Relationship Transformation

One plus one equals three is often used to define synergy. The benefit of additional output is essential for business relationships, but the math metaphor is too simple. Great strategic partnerships combine both culture and skill. However, the cultural component … Continue reading

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It’s Mr. Bottlewasher to You!

Grow up and get a job! What about “no”?? Dare to dream, create a vision, establish a business, pursue it relentlessly. Well, that is just plain crazy! Or, is it? New ventures continue to be launched at an unprecedented rate. … Continue reading

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No! Your Audience

What is the most important attribute in business? The customers? Investors? The employees? The products or services? No! Your Audience!! Or, is it “Know Your Audience!”? Actually, it is both!!! All these previously mentioned stakeholders have different needs and demands. … Continue reading

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Networking with Santa Claus

The holiday season is here! And for professionals, that means the Christmas Party. Regardless of beliefs, observances, or politically correct names, the Christmas Party is an annual rite for professionals of various levels and accomplishments. Whether you enjoy, abhor, or … Continue reading

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Hunter & Beyond is in business to equip professionals and organizations to achieve clarity and success toward their goals. Through business coaching, training, planning and cultural development, the firm delivers strategies, tactics, and tools for better performance. The blog serves … Continue reading

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