Distant Business Engagement

What exactly does shutting down the economy really mean? Business continues to transact simply because people still have money which they choose to spend for goods and services. Nothing about that sounds like shutting down. The wheels of commerce continue to turn. Oddly, a clear example of business progress through distance exists in the education system. Whether learning is virtual, in classrooms, or blended, paid teachers continue to deliver lessons and students continue to get grades. The successful educators exercise discipline and an adaptive attitude. Others are less focused. Too many students take advantage of a gracious environment by doing the minimal activities. Yet, diligent students that work hard at learning have less competition for success. The road to excellence presently has less traffic.  

Adapt Or Die 

Likewise, businesses continue to innovate. The current economic cycle offers singular opportunities to pivot. Businesses continue to buy and sell goods and services. They engage customers regardless of location. Amazon trucks continue to dominate the highways. Purchases still occur in environments and with items that deliver tangible value. Front door delivery really is an attractive value-add for purchases. Several successful retailers daily take full advantage of executing that competitive advantage. Meanwhile, businesses that reminisce about the good-old-days of business continue to struggle. Know your market and dominate it! Or at least, secure a disproportionate share of the market by filling a specific, niche need. 


Identify advantages of thriving in the current business environment. Geography no longer limits. Distance can be managed, as long as engagement is prevalent! To compete in a virtual world, the key is to communicate, transact and deliver. Proximity as an advantage has given way to the ability to engage and fulfill. This emerging model remains faithful to basic sales processes. Identify where value exists such that the marketplace will reward, then pivot into that marketplace. Waiting for customers to enter your athletic shoe store to purchase sneakers that they can find anywhere is no longer sustainable. The local mall’s sneaker store is disadvantaged by lack of convenience and most likely price, due to high overhead. Compete with benefits that current consumers value. Convenience, delivery, simple return policies are very much in favor. Deploying those advantages regardless of your business model improves engagement. 


Distant Engagement means that business can be transacted without physical interaction. By embracing the ease of virtual transactions, a competitive advantage emerges as a result of easy delivery and customer convenience. Like the student connecting with the teacher for better learning, he or she has an advantage by being available to the source delivering the educational service, also known as the lesson. Communication is now available whether by text, learning management system, or video chat. The service provider, i.e. teacher, is ready to communicate intelligently across multiple media. For students who want a better deal, i.e. grades, then try connecting with the teacher in a medium where the teacher is comfortable. Are video chats available? Nevertheless, make the transaction easier for everyone involved in order to maximize value. The power remains with the customer/ student. 


Distant Engagement means sales professionals meet customers wherever they are. If prospects prefer to communicate via Zoom, then connect with them through that medium. If multiple prospects can get on a single call simultaneously without compromising competitive positioning, then by all means do it. Operating more efficiently is always a competitive advantage. If your networking time can be leveraged via video conference or conference call, then master that interaction. The economy perseveres in a virtual, low-touch environment because sales efforts from extra-large conglomerates, as well as small enterprises, continue to thrive because prosperous operations embrace connecting with prospects and consummating transactions with customers who have never physically connected. Distant Engagement reinforces trust considering that any party often does not know, nor care, if others are in an office tower or someone’s child’s former bedroom. Ultimately, businesses will engage, agree, then deliver, or they will not. 

By Glenn W Hunter 

Managing Director, Hunter And Beyond, LLC. 

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Slaughterhouse Marketing

Inspectors review quality of beef.

Who loves steaks? Who knows the connection between creating them and marketing? Slaughterhouses are where the connection starts. They are violent, bloody, messy places that create enormous value upon faithfully executing their strategy. A slaughterhouse’s success requires maximizing usage of every animal component. First, realize that creating value can be messy. Death and destruction of farm animals is necessary for consumers to enjoy the finest steaks and most succulent ribs. Furthermore, slaughterhouses maximize profits when animal parts transform into succulent cuts of meat, as well as into hamburger. Ultimately, they can be unpleasant and dangerous, which oddly sounds like business development processes in competitive marketplaces. 


Effective marketing is fundamentally communication with a business purpose. In other words, marketing is getting a business idea from one place to another. Regardless of the medium, the tool, or the strategy, ultimately benefits are communicated leading to a good or service exchanging hands for money. Communicating both practical and emotional benefits is at the core of maximizing value regardless of the business.  Consistent messaging is absolutely required for any customer to trust a seller. Only then can the opportunity for repeat business emerge. Effective messaging must match the end user’s expectations and experiences. Whether the business emphasizes the product’s emotion, its value, or its taste, the experience must remain consistent to maximize revenue. Translating the slaughterhouse metaphor to a commercial transaction, every part of the sales transaction has value. The successful sales maximize value regarding attributes that the customer prioritizes. Most importantly, the customer is delighted with the expectation and the execution of the transaction. Great selling emphasizes that delight! 


While the butchered animal communicates value for customers who anticipate eating it, additional business communication emerges. Branding represents what your good or services says in the product’s absence. Recognize that a butchered cow’s shoulder is communicating a significantly different set of dining expectations than the tri-tip. In the slaughterhouse, two cows may go to slaughter simultaneously. Nevertheless, they may be preparing for very different destinations. Not all beef is created equal. On behalf of the consumer, butchered cows may have very different experiences based on pedigree and attributes. Nevertheless, all pieces and components must contribute somehow to the overall value offering of the butchered animal. The branding that communicates pricing may have more to do with who buys the pieces of meat, as much as the pedigree that sired it. The slaughterhouse may have different pieces going to different butcher shops and restaurants. Ultimately, the brand dictates the tangible value according to its positioning for buyers. 


Slaughterhouse marketing makes sense because it emphasizes maximizing value! Ultimately, the value drivers are the details that communicate to a customer what pedigree or cut will indicate superior quality to benefit customer experiences. A reputation for cleanliness, precision, and quality commands more customers’ willingness to pay premium prices for the final product. Slaughterhouse marketing achieves value goals because it delivers value to customers across several niches. From ground beef to filet mignon, multiple price points reflect the same raw materials and manufacturing facility. Slaughterhouse marketing works because differences in production yield segmented pricing for outputs. Coordinated communication efforts leads to cost-efficient marketing tactics creating segmented products across multiple price points. Profits are maximized! What can be more tasty than that for a business leader? 

By Glenn W Hunter 

Managing Director, Hunter and Beyond, LLC 

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Who Has Seen My Rug?

The question screams of some poor guy looking for his toupee. However, a wealthy man, physically identical to the first guy, making the exact same statement, may have a completely different meaning. Now that money has entered the picture, “Who has seen my rug?” can easily suggest “Pay attention to my wealth!” A person of great taste and stature may showcase his prized rug on a wall, or on a floor. This tycoon may likely place the rug where it can attract attention by being explicitly visible, or discreetly placed in a location where it is a privilege to be in its presence. Either way, this rug occupies a position of tremendous personal value. 


Opulence typically means the physical manifestation of acquired wealth. Whether the conclusion refers to hard work or good fortune, demonstrating wealth in our society is regarded positively. The demonstrated wealth results either from profitable efforts or fortuitous timing. Still, the rug represents the fact that regardless of the process, the victor enjoys the spoils. The implication remains that the owner earned the prize and now victoriously gets to display his superiority.  

However, the trouble with acquiring prized possessions is that they must be maintained. A gentleman’s hairpiece needs to continue looking natural. An elaborate floor covering must continuously appear immaculate. The challenge of opulence is sustaining the appearance of significant means. Appearances matter. Expensive trophies are to be maintained and displayed. Prized physical appearances abide by the same rules. Vanity is valued and comes with a price. The price of opulence is maintenance. The good life demands it. The victorious consumer must provide it. 


Another component of fortune building involves confidence. Beyond savviness to recognize fortuitous opportunities, the unyielding belief in winning is essential. Appearances are not everything, but certain advantages coincide with a positive physical presentation. Often attractive people are more likely to be perceived as trustworthy. Stylish accessories reflect another way to differentiate someone through a more positive reality. Clearly, at some point the attractive person must perform, but often that is after they have benefitted from a head start. Taking that point to the next logical step, the individual who appears to have the trappings of success through possessions or accessories, enjoys advantages extended to them. 

From a business perspective the implication is that prizes are earned. Even when advantages result from unrelated external forces, the winner has the prize now. In maintaining that air, the ability to replicate success becomes essential to sustained excellence. Beyond the conquest the associated expression of dominating the domain carries value. Storytelling is an essential part of any conquest. The ability to intrigue the audience with tales of personal superiority goes a long way in reinforcing excellence. What good is it to make a fortune without sharing just enough facts to make the conquest curious and desirable? Who has seen my rug? Demonstrate it under the proper circumstances so that advantages emerge. The highly valued rug reminds everyone of the associated sucess. 


Between incredible accomplishments and resultant stories, the images of superiority must be present and visible. The robust hair that replaces the thinning hairline screams superior confidence. Even if the replacement is evident, that alpha dog has demonstrated dominance by courageously displaying it. Likewise, the ancient rug in the middle of the great room is a similar testament to domination. It must be properly maintained and displayed to maximize psychic value. Such audacious displays represent the spoils of victory. The key is to ensure that the display remains as pristine as the memory of the conquest! It is essential to present a visible and immaculate rug. 

By Glenn W Hunter
Managing Director, Hunter And Beyond, LLC

Guest Client: Rug Masters
(909) 406-8284

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Execution Prevails

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Business professionals congregate less. Are these professionals deciding to face corporate firing squads in the new normal? Unemployment is running high and bank accounts are getting low. Yet, working professionals tend to choose breathing. Whether the economy is booming or sliding, the successful business professional finds a way to connect with prospects, customers, networking contacts, or someone with an opportunity! Yet, business professionals congregate less. This reality only makes sense when congregating means face-to-face interactions. Execution is not “Death of A Salesman”. Execution demands adhering to proven business growth fundamentals regardless of the environment. In transacting business during any economic environment, value carries the day. Execute or starve!

Successful business professionals find ways to execute their objectives and find their rewards. They prevail because they deliver results. Qualify contacts. Make the connection. Reach out to influencers. Networking may no longer work at a popular watering hole. However, Zoom calls and virtual volunteering are available to enlarge networks connections. In fact, connecting through squares on a laptop is much more efficient upon considering no time is spent driving to a favorite coffee spot prior to standing in line behind the poor, struggling soul that cannot even say “macchiato”.

In addition to the virtual engagement, connectivity benefits from a physical approach with a digital twist. Texting is now embraced by adults. Visual images have been proven to connect with the most ancient curmudgeon. Even, the executive that still has a typewriter in his office, can text just fine when his granddaughter reaches out to him! Create original and compelling messages to connect with the Big Shots. That gets their attention. Tie in some valuable, compelling, industry intelligence and request a call back. Even the most hardened veteran can withstand only so much routine bad news. The point is to present meaningful information in a format that the target wants to receive it. Handwritten notes still have been known to work. Know your prey. Differentiate. Otherwise prepare for another quarter of periodic rejection from prospects that hate emojis, on principle.

Ultimately, the optimist and the pessimist are right! From a business development perspective, overcoming tough times require an unnatural balance of niche specificity, innovation and holding onto the basics. Despite the contradiction, if the task was easy, then no rewards would be available for the exceptional. Even if the product that is for sale is the individual himself, cheerful sales people are more welcome. Informed professionals are still at a premium. Believing in personal capabilities, as well as valuing preparation, will eventually result in positive self-fulfilling prophecies.

The tricky part of confidence is that it cannot be faked. A courage-affirming mantra is permitted. Good habits can definitely align with confidence. However, it is the internal lie, that professionals believe will dupe the market which becomes fatal. Being genuine equates to credibility. “I don’t know, but I am going to find out” is still a legitimate response. But, find out and respond quickly! Then, be bold in the chosen position. Being wrong is manageable as long as facts are distributed quickly and logically. Being slow is the quickest way to challenge your prospect to establish a new, personal best in quickly pushing the delete, then trash buttons with your outreach.

For business professionals who still have jobs, remember it is still called “work”! Efforts are applauded, results are rewarded. Work leads to rewards. If it does not, then performance probably lagged at some point in the value chain. Nevertheless, the key to “execution prevails” is under the doormat of productivity. Fundamentals matter. If your job requires revenue performance, make the calls. If your role is sweeping floors, come ready to mop, just in case. Tomorrow is not promised. But in this environment, mediocre executions promises to lead eventually to not prevailing.

By Glenn W Hunter, Managing Director of Hunter And Beyond, LLC

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Profits In Panels


Who has close, revenue-generating, business contacts that they have only seen from the waist up? A generation ago, relationships developed over the phone; not just business contacts or referral partners, but genuine relationships. The magic is the human connection! So, what is different in the present time? Relationships are potentially aggregated in larger numbers. That is it. In video conferencing the personal connection is established en masse. Interpersonal skills now require maximizing human connections, leading to business transactions, at a much larger scale. So, how does technology facilitate this greater benefit?

New Normal
Organizations routinely have gifted sales professionals with uncanny abilities to connect across social, physical, and psychographic barriers. Connecting with other human beings is a talent that emphasizes listening skills, compassion, patience, and focus. The current reality rewards capabilities where the speed and scope of defined engagements continue accelerating. To keep pace, accomplished communicators in the video conference world, now must establish interpersonal connectivity at a faster rate. Imagine what that skill in a virtual environment means to a personal brand. The individual who now makes eye contact with dozens of people simultaneously has the power to produce at unprecedented rates. Productivity potential is accelerating before us regardless of the economy.

Realizing that current business environments suffer from pandemics, shutdowns, and layoffs, the successful business professional could be moving toward extinction. It is precisely that attitude that has people walking through empty shopping malls for exercise while they reminisce about bygone days of power shopping. The structure remains, but the soul of commerce has literally left the building. Amazon delivers everything! For the successful business professional, connecting with the masses is less critical than connecting with your explicit customer. Niche marketing dominates. Connect with your targeted prospects until they become customers. Then, turn your customers into referral partners. Connect enough of these individuals on the same video call and a marketplace develops for future business.

Classic Engagement
Communication fundamentals remain. Smile with your eyes. Ask thought provoking, open-ended questions; at least until you get to, “So, are you ready to sign the agreement?”. Speak with authority. Read the room; yes, even the virtual room. Create value. Communicate trust and reliability. Keep your word. Amazingly, these fundamentals remain effective because at their core they focus on human engagement! Regardless of the technological tools, people still do business with people. At the very least, people do business with brands. Like and trust remains the core. Both attributes must be clearly communicated.

But, do these old-fashioned business practices still apply? Whether a customer is buying the new hot movie on Netflix, or acquiring an unbelievably affordable condo across time zones, commercial fundamentals remain. Through contracts, reputations, prior experience, or faith in the marketplace, both parties trust and believe that the other party will deliver. These transactions happen daily. Essentially, the wheels of commerce continue to turn. Mass communication is more prevalent with video conferencing and complementary software tools. Furthermore, mastery of these channels conveys a significant business advantage. Controlling the channel absolutely aligns with controlling the message.

Business fundamentals are consistent. Human interaction carries the day. Undoubtedly, dear friends and contacts can now exist in a square on my laptop. Furthermore, that reality means that business can be conducted overlooking a lake, or on a patio. Technology does not make the deal. It helps. The individual embracing human connectivity in innovative ways is the difference maker. Firmly believing that humans want to connect is the secret. Communicate such that the listener is comfortable and trusting. Believe that such comfort starts with familiar tools and environments that dictate success. Effective communication, trust, and execution ultimately matter!

Now excuse me, I have to put on my blazer for this next Zoom call. Is today the day that I actually wear gym shorts that match my blazer and starched white shirt?

By Glenn W Hunter
Managing Director of Hunter And Beyond, LLC



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My Brand New Old Friend

Old friends are simultaneously common and unique. A buddy from the playground, relationships based on college mischief, young mothers crying together at the kindergarten bus on the first day of school all become old friends! Longevity ultimately strengthens these personal relationships. But, when connections evolve into professional relationships, expectations exponentially increase. Then, highly valued results are expected. However, old friends are inherently trustworthy. If trust had been compromised, then they would have parted ways earlier. But, what about new friends? How long does it take for new relationships to earn deep, deep trust that results in substantial business success?


Trust can be tricky. Longstanding partnerships disintegrate over a petty misunderstanding. Absolute trust emerges from a conference Happy Hour that sustains an informal partnership for decades. Whether it is secrets following indiscretions, or fortuitous long-term profits because of an instinctive desire to cooperate, once the experience of opportunity and growth takes hold, the bond can be hard to separate. Accountability is knowing that your colleague will uphold their end of the agreement. Whether the ironclad trust develops over weeks or years, it is hard to separate as long as it performs.

In fact, time becomes less consequential. Trust dominates. Your grad school buddy who left you with the lunch tab 25 years ago is still great for old stories. Yet, that club sandwich and iced tea still does not sit well in your gut for unspoken reasons regardless of how many six figure commissions have been earned. Longevity does not sustain trust. Trust endures on its own. When it is established, it is hard to kill. Once it is gone, it is hard to resurrect. Brand New Old Friends have power because the connection is alive. The relationship endures, as well as the benefits. Brand new relationships can establish power and sustain wealth once results strengthen the foundation.

New Old Friends

Old friends used to mean that an established relationship exists. Such relationships could easily go back decades for seasoned professionals. However, relationships evolve and perform at a much faster rate among younger professionals. In some professional circles, “I Love You” is a common farewell statement, where two generations ago it was a profession of a potential long-term, intimate commitment. From a business development perspective, results drive relationships. Longevity matters. Results matter more! What have you done for me lately? What can you do for me today?

Conversely, such results-driven relationships exert pressure on performance. Two professionals in a networking group may have been college classmates, but continued invitations are still based on the quality of the next connection. Consequently, to maximize value through connectivity and relationships, professionals have to engage intentionally such that connections, referrals and confirmations exchange with minimal friction. Personal relationships need to be connected digitally as well as personally. Monitoring relationships on social media, whether Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or more proprietary channels, rely on avenues that capture progress and credible outcomes. Participation in key. Even if all deals do not appear on your feed, your inner circle need to circulate intentionally key contacts experiencing success.


Business success may be fickle, but it does communicate. Once Miss Big Shot begins to be quoted in business periodicals, and her social media images regularly shows her behind podiums at spectacular locations, the evidence that her star has irrefutable. Vacations now coincide with paid speaking engagements. Brand New Old Friends who deliberately raise their profile often benefit from new rapidly forming relationships that reflect their change in fortune. For Old Friends who are encroaching on irrelevance, retrieving prosperity may require locating new opportunities. Find a new leisure location, a more relevant networking group, or a high profile philanthropic opportunity. A Brand New Old Friend is in the marketplace seeking additional connectivity. Be available to deliver that in exchange for newer, more prosperous opportunities.

By Glenn W Hunter

Managing Director, Hunter And Beyond, LLC

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Networking In the New Normal

“How do we know who to talk to if we only see everyone on the other side in little bitty squares?” With customers’ offices closing and the remaining staff tele-commuting, the old school VP of Sales is probably reluctant to embrace Zoom. However, his reluctance is moot. An aggressive, young sales rep raised with a tablet in his crib is in the process of setting new quarterly sales records for the firm regardless of his title. His primary weapon is a well-connected mastermind group and technological tools that quickly access intelligence on his targets. Furthermore, his instantaneous access to industry white papers and anecdotal niche intelligence super-sizes his expertise. The C-Suite can hardly wait to see how his first year’s final quarter ends to see how close he gets to the firm’s sales record.

In the New Normal, knowing your organization’s business remains important. However, knowing your target markets’ business is more important. In a business world where solving problems surpasses pushing product in generating revenue, superior results depends on understanding the client’s deepest fears and desires. Providing cost-effective solutions barely register a blip in a world where making a customer’s pain go away has much more value. Sales victory results from knowing exactly what is causing pain and packaging the available solution to remedy it efficiently. Specific, client-centric intelligence wins.

While guessing the source of pain still works occasionally. Having relationships and resources to reveal pain points is much better. The New Normal rewards acquiring accurate information about target markets and their business processes. People skills no longer requires persuading buyers. Successful sales skills depend on establishing business relationships in advance through common experiences. Such experiences feature virtual conferences where up-to-the-moment problems are discussed. Then, joining breakout sessions where deep-seated fears are discussed; all from a laptop . The winning sales professionals earns credibility by interpreting pain points as virtual peers socialize them. And, when the sales professional cannot be in that room, then a trusted colleague acquires the key intelligence on her behalf.

Tools and talent have always been essential to locating fertile opportunities. Remember when answering machines were the new normal? Or, when a seasoned secretary could never be replaced? Then, technology became integrated into the high-speed world of locating clients with needs. Adapt, if you want success! How about the customer? What about new prospects? Communicate with them offering knowledge and solutions such that no other source is viable nor reasonable. Great communication is focused narrowly on the other person. Ultimately, success results are too. Hence, they are called “targets”. Likewise, marketing messages that turn into sales results focus on… the client!

In the New Normal intelligence is not only available via phone. Industry reports and analysts’ newsletters no longer dominate providing necessary information to grow sales. Now, blogs and Reddit offer bleeding edge insight. Industry intelligence, needs, and opportunities surface at unprecedented speed. The sales pro, who is comfortable with anonymous sources that have proven to be accurate in interpreting the marketplace, now has the advantage. Having an alleged insider has become less important, especially when compared to accessing credible and proven market analysis. With so much information circulating, analytical credibility has increased value. Ultimately, collaborating with peers, colleagues, and frenemies facilitate connections that credibly vet information.

The new sales success secret is accuracy and credibility concerning intelligence. Established think tanks no longer have a chokehold on industry analysis. Intelligence, insight and relationships now go with the individual. To keep up with their insight, success requires actively engaging them on LinkedIn, personal blogs and online roundtables. The investment pays off exponentially better than when the last generation flew to Las Vegas for their favorite bi-annual conference. Identifying sources of superior intelligence now means subscribing, interacting and engaging. Find trustworthy online sources even if it means paying the right source for Zoom access to keep an edge. Otherwise, continue waiting for the quarterly industry report to arrive in the mail. Meanwhile, pay more attention to your quarterly retirement statement when it arrives in the mail. You will need it sooner than you realize.

By Glenn W Hunter
Managing Director of Hunter And Beyond, LLC

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Non Verbal Networking

Confidence communicates competence. Forget about weak handshakes, a weak personality kills business possibilities before an individual approaches! Just like wild animals smelling fear in its prey, polished business professionals recognize weakness from a distance. However, power and prominence communicate extremely well in advance. In the case of effective networking, a personal brand communicates competence well in advance of a professional’s arrival. Individual power, positioning and performance comes from actions, not vocabulary!

Too often, mediocre business people try to define their professional skills through clever conversation. They expect their command of the latest buzzwords and quick-witted communication techniques to prove their worth. But, astute business professionals clearly understand that value drives business success. Beyond degrees, accolades and titles, the ability to communicate and deliver to the other party’s expectations drive success. A major reason that storytelling emerges as a powerful, value-driving tool is that a well-positioned story’s power, imagery, and connectivity overpowers fancy analysis and industry-speak. Spreadsheets do not close deals. Understanding what the analysis communicates does!

The other essential aspect of effective communication is listening. Too many professionals miss opportunities because they do not hear what the other side said. Their own words were too loud! Effective communication absorbs what is not said. Subtleties from grooming habits to sustaining eye contact contributes to effective communication. Such nuance strengthens effective networking because all these cues contribute to interpersonal signals resulting in like and trust. Rehearsed scripts do not convey the emotional connectivity that drives trust and successful deals. Genuine smiles, focused eye contact, open body posture all while listening contribute to the emotional connection that facilitates enduring transactions.

While these communication techniques strengthen possibilities to transact business, at some point the deal must continue when the original parties are separated. A brand speaks for an organization or individual when parties are not physically present. Branding is communication when the parties are absent. So, who actually speaks in these instances? More importantly, how does an organization sustain branding consistency in a world where communication is experienced and evaluated via print media, social media, text messages, and Zoom calls. Branding has more marketing responsibilities under its communication duties than ever. How does a brand keep up?

First, intentionality supports a brand’s pace and progress; then consistency operates at a very close second. Social media has quickly emerged as the accelerant for brands racing beyond an enterprise’s purpose because business leaders do not always corral the images and words that described the business. Flaming is any party spreading unflattering imagery in any public or private forum. The ability to spread lies, or painful truths, has never been so prevalent! Control requires faithful and consistent monitoring of all brand conversations. If that sounds hard, try damage control after a brand has been smeared! Effective branding requires controlling the conversation at every point in the ever-expanding marketplace.

Whether ugly comments come from print, broadcast, podcast, soundbite, Zoom-bombing or social media, effective brands prepare in advance with clear talking points to interrupt negative commentary by re-emphasizing brand strengths. Brands must be actively engaged in every reasonable channel where a business operates in order to influence messaging in victory, or catastrophe. The right processes are equally important as the right words and images. Networking’s main purpose is to establish positive relationships so that business can be deliberately, intentionally and intelligently transacted as a direct result of confidence in both parties’ reputations. Establishing, then reinforcing, individual and organizational reputations relies on communicating with images, behaviors, relationships, reputations, and even words when necessary.

Glenn W Hunter
Managing Director of Hunter And Beyond, LLC

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Branding: Many Relationships, One Character

Balanced Sales Team

Like big corporations, solopreneurs and small businesses can generate disproportionate value by leveraging their brand. Brands represent businesses in busy, noisy, crowded marketplaces.Successful brands introduce a company’s personality and reputation even in the entity’s absence. Aggressive and clever entrepreneurs benefit disproportionately when they execute their branding well. The same mechanism works for individuals. Having the marketplace vouch for someone’s reputation and body of work when that individual is working hard elsewhere creates an enviable advantage. Capturing this lightening in a bottle requires insightful strategy, detailed execution and an appetite for excellence.

Many Relationships
Particularly with smaller enterprises, key contributors have multiple responsibilities. Production professionals also sell. Administrative personnel also perform maintenance. Entrepreneurship relies so much on efficient productivity and tangible results that all-hands-on-deck is the norm. Furthermore, for the organization to grow successfully even more disproportionate efforts go to revenue generating activities. Balancing these multiple obligations takes more than entrepreneurial greed. The leader cannot possibly answer every call, but they facilitate an environment where everyone makes sure every call gets a response. Accountability and respect across all internal and external relationships appears everywhere so that all team members benefit when anyone interacts with the business.

Clearly, relationships are the primary driver of marketing momentum. Every contact is not a potential customer. However, every contact who is not a potential customer has the power to become a referral partner. If a particular contact cannot be a referral partner, then they can be an advocate. In all these roles, the priority remains to find someone or some entity to have a desire, or need, that a deliverable, product, or service can satisfy. In pursuing growth aspirations, the entire business needs to be committed to contributing to its growth. Connecting the public at large, or the individual in specific, to the value offering is every stakeholder’s role, as well as being in their best interest. Essentially, relationships across the value chain lead to success and all stakeholders have a responsibility to contribute.

One Character
Organizational character is the personification of the entity. And, that character is a sales professional. To be clear, every individual is not necessarily a sales professional. Nevertheless, the successful entrepreneurial enterprise realizes that every professional, stakeholder, and administrator has the potential and responsibility to contribute to sales efforts. The One Character in successful enterprises represents the entity’s personality. In some cases, entrepreneurs will point out their services advantages, or their technological superiority. Both attributes contribute to the company’s success. But only when those characteristics contribute to sales efforts, and consequently financial successes, do the business establish staying power to impose their success on their industry and marketplace.

The organization’s character ties directly back to successful branding. Beyond what the business says, how the business performs is most important. Sales success that dies in the marketplace because of unfulfilled promises, reveals bad character and ultimately collapses if left unchecked. Yet, character results from every contributor’s wholehearted participation. Getting an organization to cooperatively work with a high-level of individual accountability presents unique challenges. Consequently, creating a culture of coordination separates successful businesses from the others. Character has been described how someone behaves when no one is watching. One Character then means that the entire team performs in alignment consistently. That behavior drives value, profits and longevity.

“Success has many fathers, but failure is an orphan.” Essentially, professional success results from teamwork. Different roles, many responsibilities, one goal, leads to success. Culture is important. High performance is essential, whether culture, accountability, or character drives the performance. The focus on having a team emphasizing its many roles and relationships for the benefit of one common goal wrapped up in a singular character represents a clear path to success. Be yourself; work together. This profile demonstrates how small organizations slay giants. These characteristics reveal why branding wins.

By Glenn W Hunter
Managing Director of Hunter And Beyond, LLC


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Personal Branding – Know Who You Are!


“I need to see Mr. Big! He is NOT expecting me!”, the loud visitor announced to an appalled administrative assistant. A well-polished gentleman had just exited a downtown high-rise’s elevator and glided toward the reception area. His untucked fitted shirt with gaudy, initialed golden cufflinks, draped over his Levis. His jeans, in turn, perfectly capped his loafers. His ball cap matched nothing! After failing to persuade the man to return with an appointment, the assistant reluctantly calls Mr. Big to announce the peculiar man only using his visual description. She grimaces upon hearing the phone slam without a word. Magically, power- suited Mr. Big appears in the stuffy reception area, bear hugs the visitor, before dragging him back to his suite with an uncharacteristically broad grin! Clearly, that visitor’s brand spoke for him!

A personal brand has all the rights, privileges, and responsibilities of a corporate brand, except that it involves a singular person. As business processes and headcounts streamline, organizations do less with more. Empowering a brand to do more marketing heavy lifting is an efficient means to that end. Teams of internal marketing professionals and outsourced experts polishing campaigns are no longer efficient in fast-paced business environments. Marketing decisions must be made more quickly.

Once upon a time, competitors featured equally weighty departments passing judgment on messaging. Those organizations still exist. But, so do boutiques with great ideas, entrepreneurial spirits and digital mindsets that produce and analyze messaging at unprecedented speed. Fighting marketing battles with yesterday’s battleships is absolutely futile when younger, nimbler competitors wage digital wars. Essentially, a trusted colleague with laser-like focus on the immediate marketplace and this week’s data has an unmatched advantage in launching marketing campaigns that evolve continuously using real-time input from customers and analysts.

Benefits of the professional, or corporate brand remain relevant. Scale helps. Yet, business is still done person to person. Even committee-led decisions require a leader whose opinion carries disproportionate weight. In many cases the decision-making committee is simply in place to verify the leader’s decision. Either way, the decision’s merits are communicated based on the knowledge, awareness and reputation of the person representing the professional organization.

Since current branding emphasizes messaging as well as multiple delivery channels, identifying trustworthy sources to establish new connections is essential. Outsourced resources help. Furthermore, as customers’ and consumers’ needs evolve into more narrow niches, communication to those specific targets must become more precise. Flexible messaging that communicates consistently via blogs, real-time images, and point-of-sale video inspires purchasing decisions. Likewise, individual influencers are more valuable than ever in directing choices among the masses with the blazing speed of shifting whims. Engaging identified target audiences with the right voice through the right media transforms messaging into purchasing decisions which drive superior revenue.

When consumers or business customers determine whom they trust, that voice becomes more important than the message. With so many messages communicating through so many mediums, a product’s real value quickly drowns out of the conversation. But a trustworthy brand, delivers a credible voice which triggers the necessary engagement to drive enormous sales volume. Marketers, before judging the moral character of the latest internet personality that influences enormous segments of the marketplace, honestly monitor customers to ensure how they receive marketing messages that drive purchasing of your goods and services. Align campaigns and businesses with the proper messaging that communicates the specific persona that targeted customers will trust.Branding is what the product says when business developers are not in the room. Strong branding opens doors. Then, when great brands talk, targeted prospects listen and buy.

By Glenn W Hunter
Managing Director of Hunter And Beyond, LLC

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