What’s At The Top?

Why did you want to climb Mount Everest?”, a local commentator asked legendary climber George Mallory decades ago. Mallory allegedly answered, “Because it’s there.” While the interview produced a memorable quote, actually climbing the world’s largest mountain is undeniably more complex. Even from an attitude perspective, the reasons vary why anyone would attack that task. Pure desire to defeat a unique challenge is an important motivator. Being the individual who defies death in this pursuit furthermore provides a unique rush. Ultimately, a common motivator for any singular accomplishment is the ego-driven desire to be recognized as the leader of their category. The specific drivers vary regarding their insatiable motivation. Yet, what’s at the top? Only the individual champion’s ego can accurately answer that question.


Validation can be one essential driver to achieve legendary accomplishments. Prevailing conquerors can easily own the point of view that “I worked hard for it and I achieved it.” This hero can now confidently propose to accomplish the next superhuman task. “Faint heart never won fair maidens.”, according to the romantic poet, further confirms that fearless perspective to obtain glory just beyond one’s reach. While that viewpoint is easily accused of being self-centered, rarely does an exceptional, never-done-before, feat occur in a vacuum. A clear viewpoint reveals that other individuals and ideas competitively contributed to achieving subsequent, superhuman accomplishment. Fundamental items like tools, training, and inspiration are essential to perpetuating mindsets and foundations to secure epic accomplishments.

At the core of the ego-fueled drive for superiority, an individual must possess supreme confidence. Core competence regarding necessary skills runs a close second! Perspective completes the triangle because achieving singular feats require more than nerves and talent. An intelligence requirement provides a necessary level of respect for the achievement, as well as vision regarding the risks. That balance allows fearless conquerors to avoid destructively reckless behaviors while sustaining supreme confidence. That viewpoint empowers the drive for greatness to align with respect for the victory.


Although accomplishing legendary feats is a straightforward way for an individual to enjoy individual accolades, an unexpected benefit emerges. Realize that world-class performers are unique by definition. The individual efforts and competence that superior performers require, make them singular, even in a team sport or endeavor. That unity reinforces aligned efforts toward singular achievement. Consequently, even group efforts that result in singular achievement still form a unique team accomplishment.

Specifically, champions are unique because they reach the pinnacle of their particular arena. Whether the conqueror emerges as a Nobel laureate or a Super Bowl champion, additional team members contribute to the ultimate win. Consequently, champions rely on teammates, trainers, coaches, strategists, nutritionists and multiple other supporters to prepare winners for their ultimate victories. At nearly every level, elite victories require several contributors, who are part of the team, that eventually unveils individual success. 


Ultimately, the champion does not achieve the accolades associated with reaching the top alone. Anyone who arrives at their particular mountaintop, benefitted from extraordinary drive, as well as detailed attention to teamwork. As any honest champion will admit, the crowning victory was not a singular success. The event that revealed their conquest undoubtedly provided a stage for recognizing communal greatness.

Champions realize that they do not perform in isolation. Consequently, they all have a unique camaraderie among the supporters that contributed to the conquest. At the literal mountaintop, one individual places the flag declaring the victory. Yet, even at that point, the individual is not alone. The people patting the conqueror on the back are contributors, not cheerleaders. At the mountain top is a group that cooperates for victory. Still, another mountain awaits. Get a team together to conquer the next desired mountain top!

By Glenn W Hunter

Managing Director of Hunter and Beyond, LLC

About Hunter & Beyond, LLC

Glenn W Hunter presents his proven perspectives on business growth. He shares skills and tactics resulting in increasing sales for organizations ranging from start-ups to large corporations. His expertise focuses on storytelling, branding and networking to cultivate relationships that lead to increased revenue.
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