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Sales Make The Mundane Magical

The magic behind business success is hard work and excitement. Listen to great business professionals long enough and you will hear grand visions, boundless enthusiasm, and mesmerizing storytelling. Storytelling is the hallmark of business success whether the information is presented … Continue reading

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Efforts Are Applauded, Results Are Rewarded

Business leaders are good for rallying their teams with words of encouragement and cheers to try harder. Entrepreneurial leaders glorify the grind. And, consultants produce books and blogs that emphasize the benefits of maximum effort. Unfortunately, inspired efforts do not … Continue reading

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Ethical Lessons From Teaching Ethics

I often say when teaching, ”If I do my job, then I learn as much from my students as they learn from me.” In wrapping up my collegiate Ethics class, I gathered four extremely valuable lessons in leadership, performance and … Continue reading

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Good at Names

“Ultimately, the pessimist and the optimist are both right.”  This belief applies to the statement, “I am no good with names”. People who say this are basically right.  Well, I am good at names.  And, I am tight, too.  I … Continue reading

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